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The most horrible people walk this earth. 

A group of culprits caught sweet Andy walking the streets of Azerbaijian and lured him with the promise of food. Of course, Andy came – he is as friendly as can be. When they caught him, instead of showing him affection like he deserves, they tortured him. It’s sickening to think how dark someone has to be to see a being like Andy and want to hurt him. He should be cuddled and played with, not left mutilated like this. 

They didn’t just crop his ears, they chopped them off – right down to the canal. The method used seems to be large scissors or a large knife. Why? For fun. Because they felt like it and they could get away with it. Who would ever stop them from abusing a stray dog that no one wants around to being with? 

We can’t imagine the pain Andy must have felt. It hurts so bad to think of Andy being violated this way. 

The torture of Andy didn’t end there, they tied him to a three foot chain on the beach to ROAST in the sun. Andy was roasting with his ear canals exposed and wounded ears for days until a girl on the beach decided to help him.  We were alerted and immediately arranged transportation to the hospital. Andy is shaken to the core.  He’s got a fever from all the incredible stress he’s under and from the raging infection that’s developed from his gruesome injuries. He’s dehydrated, exhausted, and barely has any will left to live. 

Please consider donating to help Andy get past this. He will be hospitalized for some time. They caused serious damage to him. 

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