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This month, two tragic cases involving equine neglect and slaughter illustrated some of the many dangers facing American horses. In one, Texas authorities discovered 50 dead horses and seized custody of more than 80 allegedly mistreated and starving animals on a self-described “sanctuary.” In another, an Alabama vet student is accused of scamming horse owners into giving their horses to her for safekeeping and then selling them for slaughter.

Protecting American horses is a critical component of our ASPCA mission, and with so many equine lives at stake, it’s important to make sure our equine welfare programs have a meaningful impact on their lives. Below are some specific plans and actions we’re taking to come to their rescue.

These are not isolated cases, and the challenges for American horses are more serious and widespread than most people realize. Many of these horses become homeless each year and often end up abused and neglected. Others end up at livestock auctions where they are at risk of becoming part of the tens of thousands of American horses sent to slaughter every year by an industry that trucks them across our borders for eventual human consumption. 

By Matt Bershadker, ASPCA CEO